Annal Sex Toys


Whether you’re new to annal stimulation or looking to try more advanced annal sex toys, Artificialsextoys has everything you need. From annal beads to butt plugs(annal sex toys) and annal dildos(annal sex toys) to prostate massagers, you can find a huge variety of annal sex toys for you and your partner to enjoy safely and comfortably.


You don’t need a million sex toys. You need the best, and only the best. The perfect sex toys. The ones that satisfy you, fulfil you, and offer you pure, perfect pleasure time after time. With that in mind, the experts at set out to select the no1 online sex toys store in India – the best materials, the best designs, the best technology and we bring them to you right here, in the Pleasure Emporium.


In a man, penetration stimulates the prostate, which can result in deeper, more intense and longer-lasting orgasms.

For women, some of the 8,000 or so sensory nerve endings found in the clitoris reach as far as the anus. In addition to the shared connection of sensory nerves, a thin membrane is all that separates the vaginal cavity from the rectal cavity. Therefore, some women find that touching the anal area or using an annal sex toys is highly erotic and leads to a more intense orgasm.


There are a few general rules about annal sex toys that you should always follow:

  • 1.Relax your body
  • 2.Go slow
  • 3. If using an annal sex toys with your partner, COMMUNICATE!
  • 4. Use (thicker) anal lubricant
  • 5. Listen to your body
  • 6. Listen to your partner
  • 7. Clean toys thoroughly with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner
  • 8. NEVER switch an anal toy from the anus to the vagina

The market for anal toys has been growing a lot lately, and for good reason. These toys and tools are a great way to add some extra sensation and stimulation to your sexual adventures, no matter what the goal. This is the place to be for back door toys in all shapes, sizes, materials and functions. Anal plugs, beads, vibes, prostate massagers and more all all designed to please your behind in all sorts of ways.

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