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Toe Curling Orgasms Each Time-Sex Toys for Men

Is your sex life taking a back seat? Renew sexual pleasure with Artificial Sex Toys vast collection of dildos and sex toy vibrators in India.

Artificial Sex Toys is the friend you can trust with intimate products shopping. Our team combined selling bold adult toys with the knowledge of technology and created a place where every buyer feels safe to explore his/her physicality.

Are you a woman with some bold physical needs? Our dual action vibrators is the right toys for the divine pleasure you are looking for. We are a leading company stocking exclusive sex toys for women such as G-spot vibrators, G-spot dildos, Strap-on vibrators, Double penetration vibrators, small and discreet pocket vibrators, nipple and breast toys and clamps, clitoral pumps and teasers, exercises for vaginal muscles like Kegel balls, lubes and potions for women, body jewelry and sensual wear.

Turn on your partner by revealing your skin in a sexy lingerie. Awaken pure lust by wearing sexy panties, babydolls or chemises, dresses and gowns, teddy and body stockings, corsets and bustier, women’s costumes, fetish wear, hosiery, robes and peignoirs. Satisfy each other with our roleplay inspired kit while bringing your erotic fantasies to life. Dress sexy with our underwear set, mix and match panties, stockings and add passion to your bedroom.

Enhance your masculinity with our wide range of sex toys for men such as vibrating cock rings, prostate massagers, penis extensions or raunchy underwear. If you are someone who likes to go solo then purchase from our masturbating collection of realistic vaginas, masturbation sleeves, blow job imitators, hands free masturbators and sex dolls. Having erection problems with time? Use our exclusive cock rings and penis pumps for a night of ecstasy. Gain better stamina and endurance with our sex accessories and jack off lubes.

Buy erotic sex toys for couples from our diverse range of vibrating love rings, vibrators for couples, sex slings, swings and support, sexual enhancers for erection help and oral sex. Add fire to your imagination with costumes for role play, love games and romantic sex kits. As the leading sex toys shop in India, we specialize in selling best quality vibrators, dildos, anal toys, masturbators, fetish play, dildo harnesses and newest variety of erotic toys.

We understand your requirements for sex accessories to experience a night of erotic pleasure. Artificial Sex Toys brings to you a wide collection of sex essentials such as water or gel based lubricants, toy cleaners and wipes, batteries, condoms, sex toy storage, sensual massage oils and electronic gift cards.

At Artificial Sex Toys we value your privacy. All our sex toys will be delivered to you in plain boxes marked under the name of “Phone Case”, so that you will be the only person happy to be excited about the order. Your banking details are safe with us, as we only use the details necessary to complete a transaction. Enjoy hassle-free sex toys shopping from your home and add the lost charm to your sex life.

Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

Experience Erotic Love Making Every Time-Sex Toys Online

sex toys online

Looking for ways to keep your sex life active? Artificial Sex Toys bring to you a wide collection of unique sex toys to heighten sexual pleasure. If your sexual life is taking a backseat and your man is finding excuses to sleep early every night, it’s time for you to change the game. Turn your man on with a visually appealing dress from our online sex shop. Take your love making to the next level by dressing in our sexy lingerie, corsets, bra & panties, role play costumes, pantyhose & stockings and amaze him with a night of breathtaking sex.

If you like to go solo, please yourself to the fullest as we bring to you a diverse range of masturbators and fleshlights. Cure erection problem with penis enhancements, penis sleeves & condoms, Tenga Cups, cock or pleasure rings. Spare social stigma and do what you like with our inflatable sex dolls. Choose from a wide variety of sex toys for men. Our exclusive Vibrating Pussy is the top rated sex toy among Indian men. It is basically a vibrating sleeve equipped with dual motors to stimulate the frenulum, while offering pulsating and vibrating sensations for a perfect orgasm.

Stop trying old hat ideas to establish your unique sexuality. Buy sex toys online from our stock of classic vibrators, strap-on vibrators, bullets & eggs, luxury vibrators, mini vibrators, realistic vibrators, rabbit vibrators, cute vibrators, G spot vibrators and remote vibrators. If dildos arouse you, unleash your wide side with realistic dildos, strap-on dildos, big dildos, glass dildos, rubber dildos, plastic dildos, wooden dildos or steel dildos. No matter how unique your needs are, our sex toys store always has something in store for you.

Want to break the notions of taboo by trying anal toys during sex? Find exclusive pleasure and unique sexual interaction with our collection of anal sex accessories which consists of anal beads, butt plus, anal vibrators, glass butt plugs, etc. Our male prostate toys are specially designed to stimulate a man’s prostate glands which is located 2 inches inside the anus. Use our anal toys to allow your man to experience incredible orgasms. If prostate play turns your man on, then purchase our Rhino Prostate Massager to stimulate the P-spot and grant him an amazing orgasm.

Get bold with sex toys online and take command in the bedroom. If you had the urge to watch BDSM porn again and again, our wide range of masks and blindfolds, ball gags, chastity belts, collars and handcuffs, rope & tape, SM cock rings, SM suit, Whips & Paddles and other bondage products are the things you need.

Stay healthy while using sex toys. If you are looking for easy clean toys, our silicone made yet firm toys can be easily disinfected and shared with other people.

Artificial Sex Toys assures discreet packaging by delivering your products in plain box with a non-descript address. The product will be marked as “Phone Case” or something. Avail our discreet billing services. You might be unable to recognize the billing after checkout which will necessarily not match the name of the site it was purchased from. We guarantee that under no circumstance will we disclose your personal information beyond what is necessary to complete the order. Shop with confidence and explore your sexuality with Artificial Sex Toys.

sex toys online

Sex Toys in Chennai is a way to get out of midlife sexual crisis

During midlife, people feel crisis in their sexual life. The crisis may be two folded. Some have increased urge of having sex while others have a lesser desire to have sex and they feel a lesser sexual urge. The use of Sex Toys in Bangalore will help one out of both this situation that one may face. Let us see how it is possible to get out with this midlife sex crisis.

Increases intimacy

The usage of Sex Toys in Chennai will help one to have better intimacy with their sexual partner. One may be bored by the usage of the same moves while having sex. These adult toys will help one to add diversity to their sex life and increase the level of intimacy that one share with their sex partner. There are various sexual moves described in Kamasutra which one can imitate using the sex toys with their partner.

Mutual Masturbation

We know that masturbation is a way of having a healthy life. One can use the sex toys to masturbate in front of their sex partner and enjoy sex in a different fashion. This will not only give one the chance of having the pleasure that one has during intercourse but will also make the sex partner know what exactly his or her sexual partner wants.

Help during Menopause

Women reaching menopause can use these adult sex toys in Bhopal to have sexual pleasure. The vibrators can increase the flow of blood in the pelvic region to have a moist vagina and will help one to have an enjoyable sex.

Using these sex toys in Hyderabad will help one to get out of the middle age sexual crisis and have sex in the manner that one wants.

Sex Toys in Chennai

The ways by which one can introduce Sex Toys in Delhi into their bedroom


People suffer from various misconceptions regarding Sex Toys in Jaipur that forbids them from including them into their bedroom. They think that many people do not use sex toys; they can only be used for masturbation, partners will feel unhappy and much more. Let us see the real facts so that these misconceptions can be cleared and one can properly use sex toys in their bedroom.

Usage of sex toys

This is a common misconception that many people do not use Sex Toys in Noida. This is entirely wrong; there are respectable people who use these adult toys. The usage of these toys does not make one the odd person out. It is a means to have more fun and more accomplished and enjoyable sex. One can use them on their own and they need not disclose it to others.

Used only for masturbation

This is also a misconception that leads to the less usage of Sex toys in delhi. Though these adult toys are sometimes used for this purpose but not always. One can see couples using these toys jointly and having a sex that they have never thought before. One just needs to be open minded and trusting in nature so that they can use these adult toys.

Effect on partners mind

One can think if their partner knows about the fact that sex toys in Lucknow are being used then it will lead to a situation which will make their partner feel bad. But the real fact is just the opposite. If by usages of adult toys like vibrators or penis rings an enjoyable sex which is full of fun be achieved then it will definitely be loved by the partner.

Sex Toys in Delhi

Sex Toys in Delhi