Super Sucker Masturbator

Super Sucker Masturbator Features:

Stroker buzzes your balls & “sucks” your pole!

Give your balls the attention they deserve with this innovative new masturbator!

• Large vibrating base stimulates your balls

• Play with 7 different vibration speeds and patterns

• Closed-ended design of the super sucker Masturbator creates a blowjob-like suction

• Ribbed internal shaft to stimulate every inch of his shaft

• Waterproof so you can safely use it in the shower and other wet environments

• Measures 3.5 inches wide and 6.25 inches long

• Made from UR3, a realistic material that feels incredibly life like

• Vibrator uses 3 watch batteries, included

While most male masturbators completely ignore your balls, this incredible new stroker features an extra-large base that juts out to rub and massage your balls. The base of the super sucker Masturbator in India even holds a bullet vibrator for teasing your balls with 7 different vibration speeds and patterns. And the bullet is completely removable so you can use it on its own or to power your other sex toys.

As you start pumping away with the masturbator, you’ll notice a sucking sensation that feels a lot like a blowjob. The sucking sensation comes from the closed-ended design of the super sucker Masturbator in India.  As you thrust in, you also push air out of the stroker – creating a vacuum that “sucks” your pole when you try to pull out. For even more stimulation, every inch inside the stroker is lined with thick ribs to rub and massage your shaft from your tip all the way to your balls!

The male masturbator is completely waterproof so you can safely use your new pocket stroker to spice up your morning shower or make a moonlit swim extra fun.

The pocket masturbator measures 3.5 inches across at its widest point and 6.25 inches long. The Super Sucker 2.0 is made from UR3, a realistic material that mimics the feel of human skin to give you the most realistic and life-like experience possible. The bullet vibrator uses 3 watch batteries, included. recommends The super sucker Masturbator for men in India to use during masturbation and couples to use during foreplay and handjobs.

The male masturbator is compatible with’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. After use, wash the masturbator thoroughly in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. Dry the stroker off with a cloth towel and then store it with the rest of your sex toy collection.

Super Sucker Masturbator

Super Sucker Masturbator



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